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        Would you like to join us on our scheduled pet therapy visits
      with your own friendly, certified pet?

       Do you have any additional questions about our organization?

       Please read all 7 pages and then get in touch with us!

Be sure you have read ALL the other pages on this web site and agree to follow our rules. (Home, Mission, Membership, Rules, General Info.)
Be sure you have contacted us with your name, phone number, and pet's name and breed before trying to send any paperwork. We normally have a waiting list and new applicants are added to it in the order their completed paperwork is received. 

All paperwork must be complete before attending a class or being added to the waiting list.

Just send an e-mail through the contact link below to our manager. She will always answer within a day or so. If not, your note did not go through - try again.
She will respond with the directions for submitting all the paperwork.
The paperwork does NOT get sent to the church.
After the manager gets all the completed paperwork, she will notify you that it was received and add you to the waiting list, and then later will notify you when you can join the class.
Note: Since our classes do not meet in December and January, those joining the waiting list late in the year likely will not start classes until the next year. Those starting class late in the year will likely get certified the next year. Their fee and paperwork will be applied to whatever year they get certified. 
FIRST be sure you have read ALL pages of our web site and will abide by our rules. THEN click below to send an e-mail to our manager.
(PLEASE be sure to include your name, phone number, pet's name and breed.)
We are not accepting applications for new members or facilities at this time (as of Dec. 21, 2016 until May 2017).

click here to download APPLICATION

click here to download Health Form for a DOG

click here to download Health Form for a CAT:

click here to download extra letter for PORTER / KINGWOOD area:

click here to download extra letter for ANGLETON / LAKE JACKSON area

And just a brief description of what will be practiced during our classes, and will be tested for CGC certification:
There are 10 basic items that make up the CGC test.
1) Greets a friendly stranger
2) Sits politely for petting
3) Welcomes being groomed, brushed; allows paws, tail and ears to be handled
4) Walks as directed on a loose leash
5) Moves politely through a crowd
6) Sits, lies down, and stays in place on command
7) Comes when called
8) Behaves politely around other dogs
9) Reacts with confidence to distractions
10) Can be left with a trusted person (3 minutes)


Usual obedience commands that dogs will be expected to obey:

"Heel" "Sit" "Down" "Stay" "Come"

Two additional commands we teach, use and require:

"Watch Me" "Leave It" 



There are quite a few web sites that have information about the CGC test.
Here are a few you may want to explore: