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                    “Faithful Paws” 
                founded June, 1997
                   Sponsored by
    Bellaire United Methodist Church
A team of organized volunteers involving the incorporation of trained animals specifically designed to administer therapy to adults/children in nursing home or hospitals and to share the joy and furry love of our pets with the people we visit.

Animal assisted therapy is a scientifically proven form of therapy that is recognized as therapeutic and recreational
By stroking an animal, the patient’s blood pressure and heart rates are reduced.
·         Animals give unconditional love.
Planned animal visits give patients something to look forward to.
Animals with tricks are a form of entertainment.

·          Dogs must pass the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Test and/or a Temperament test to be certified. 
     (See CGC requirements on bottom of "Contact us" page.)
·     Cats, rabbits, and birds must pass a Temperament test to be certified.
·          Volunteers consist of small teams that make scheduled visits to designated facilities.
Confidentiality – Volunteers will guard and respect the dignity, privacy, and anonymity of patients being visited.

 Sponsor: Bellaire United Methodist Church                          Contact: Faithful Paws Manager

               4417 Bellaire Blvd.                                            Contact us before coming to a class.  

               Bellaire, TX 77401                                                 (see last page of this web site)



    Faithful Paws   at   Bellaire United Methodist Church


Items Needed for Application  

Be sure you have contacted us first with your name, phone number and pet information. We do not add pets to our waiting list until all the paperwork is received. As soon as there is room in class, we will notify those on the waiting list that they can start attending. (Contact info is on last page on this web site)

Needed before attending first class:

1) Application for membership, filled out and signed, for each member of your family who will participate

2&3) Copy of driver’s license and copy of your car insurance (can copy on same page)

4) Initial Health Record filled out by vet for each animal (download from this web site)

5) Copy of Rabies Vaccination Certificate from vet

6) Fee: $20 for annual membership per household (for present calendar year – renewed each January) (payable to: Bellaire United Methodist Church) (write Faithful Paws in the memo line)

Will be needed at time of testing for certification:

5) Fee $30 for testing to be paid directly to AKC evaluator


Optional: Faithful Paws shirt is $25, Faithful Paws patch is $5 (large 3-1/2 x 4" or small 3x3")
If your dog is registered with AKC, bring their registration number to the CGC testing so that the title of CGC will become a permanent title in your dog’s record with AKC.




WHY is pet therapy important? (An excerpt from an interview with our manager)

I know what our pets do. Pets don't care if someone is bedridden, or in a wheel chair, or don't have hair, or legs, or can't speak. Pets don't stare or ask questions. They just cuddle or put their head in your lap and lean into your hand as you pet them. We help kids feel "normal" for a while, even if they can't talk or have tubes everywhere. We help elderly patients remember a fun time in their lives with their own pets. We give them a topic of conversation that does not involve their meals or ailments. They have something positive to bring to a conversation with their relatives, friends and other residents, and that is a huge benefit for their lives, long after our visit. Our humans receive gasoline receipts, dog bath expenses and bother, dues to pay and time volunteered, all made up for by lumps in their throats, hugs from wonderful people, and often making some life-long friends met while making visits together. It is the only win-win-win activity I know that brings loving, caring people together for no other reason than to show some love to a stranger.